[George H. Cook Campus]
Students at Neilson Dining Hall. Planting trees on campus for Arbor Day. Rutgers Mounted Patrol. Passion Puddle. President Barchi meeting with Landscape Architecture students. SEBS Convocation. Community Day.


Welcome to the George H. Cook Campus, home to the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. The campus is named after George H. Cook, the first head of the Rutgers Scientific School (later to become the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences). Find links to information about events and services on and around the campus. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


Initiative on Undergraduate Participation in Professional Societies
To promote lifelong learning, the Office of the Cook Campus Dean will provide financial support to encourage a faculty member and a group of students from a recognized undergraduate club affiliated with an SEBS major to attend a professional society meeting.

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